LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro

LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro 15.0

LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro it s a flexible toolkit
15.0 (See all)
LEAD Technologies, Inc.

Get both the ease-of-programming of the LEADTOOLS ActiveX and VCL and the flexibility, low-level access and greater control of the LEADTOOLS API and C Class Libraries. The LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Pro toolkit is designed to give you the best of both worlds.
Cut through hours of coding with support for Color Conversion, Display, Compression (industry standards like JPEG, LZW**, CCITT G4 and LEAD's own proprietary CMP). Developers get support for all of the technologies found in the LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Engine, including Image Processing (Transforms, Filters, Drawing, Region of Interest), TWAIN Scanning, Color Conversion, Display, Special Effects, (choose from more than 2000 effects), Compression, Image Format (import/export), Printing, Internet/intranet imaging, Database imaging, Imaging Common Dialogs, and Screen Capture. LEADTOOLS also provides a Thumbnail browser and Image List that lets you browse directories for LEAD supported files and generate thumbnails for each supported file.

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